CSD Stuttgart, also known as Christopher Street Day Stuttgart is a celebration of lgbtq+Q+ pride held in Stuttgart, Germany. It honors the legacy of the Stonewall riots on Christopher Street in New York City in 1969 a moment in the lgbtq+Q+ rights movement.

Typically taking place in July or August over a week this event features a variety of activities like parties, workshops, panel discussions, cultural events and film screenings. These gatherings aim to advocate for lgbtq+Q+ rights shed light on community challenges and foster an atmosphere of support and inclusivity.

One of the highlights of CSD Stuttgart is its pride parade filled with vibrant colors and energy. Drawing participants and spectators from across Germany and beyond the parade showcases floats, performers marching groups accompanied by music and dancing—all united in celebrating diversity and individuality.

Adding to the festivals excitement is the "CSD Hocketse" street fair—a hub offering food and drinks alongside merchandise stalls representing different lgbtq+Q+ organizations and allies where attendees can learn more about these causes.

This event serves as a platform for individuals to connect with others, within the community and build relationships.CSD Stuttgart is organized by IG CSD Stuttgart e.V., an organization dedicated to promoting lgbtq+Q+ rights and visibility. The event relies on the support of volunteers and sponsors to come together highlighting the passion and commitment of the lgbtq+Q+ community.

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